St Wilfrid’s RC Primary School

Last week before half term ending 22/10/21
We have a high number of cases throughout school presently. Therefore, we are re-introducing some extra measures in this last week before half-term and a break from school;
• We are asking all visitors to wear face masks on school site if possible
• No extra-curricular clubs (football/netball) this week
• Children will eat their lunches in class apart from the other bubbles
• Assembly will be virtual in class this week (no mixing in hall)
• We are still allowing children to play outside when other classes are on the yard as the risk of transmission outside is much less
• Whilst we can’t insist, we are asking that siblings/family bubbles are kept off school if there is a positive case in a family
We will continue with our measures of increased ventilation, hygiene and hand washing throughout school.
We understand that being asked to repeatedly take children for PCR tests is a nuisance. However, this is essential if we are to try our best to stop Covid being passed on throughout classes/school.
Please notify school immediately of any suspected/confirmed cases of CV-19.
Covid rates in our area are obviously high. The current situation is that as soon as there is any positive case in a class, all parents of children in that class will be contacted and be advised to take their child for a PCR test, even if they have no symptoms, as they may be a close contact. Please, please, please follow this advice and book them in for a PCR test even if they have no symptoms as they are classed as a close contact. Home lateral flow tests are not that accurate nor advised for primary aged pupils, so I repeat please help to keep us all as safe as possible and book a PCR test if advised. If your child has recently had a positive test for CV19 (within 90 days) there is no need to re-test them. If children have no symptoms then they can still attend school whilst they are waiting for a test result. If your child has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), they should get a PCR test and remain at home at least until the result is known. Any child who tests positive must isolate for 10 days as must any child who doesn’t take a PCR test.

Following discussions with Public Health England today I am delighted to announce that Y6 will be re-open from Tuesday 14th September. Thank you, Mr McHugh.


Dear parents/carers

I have just been notified that a third child in Y6 has tested positive for Corona Virus (CV-19). In line with government DfE and Public Health England guidance this is now defined as an outbreak and unfortunately I am having to close Dunsop Class.

From Monday all Y6 children and staff must stay away from school and learning will be offered remotely via Seesaw. I will update you further next week once I have taken further advice from Lancashire County Council and Public Health England as to when the Y6 class will re-open.

If any Y6 have still not gone for a PCR test I strongly advise you to book a test, regardless of if your child has symptoms, as soon as possible. Please continue to inform school of any more positive cases by emailing

At this stage, all other classes/bubbles including the breakfast and after school club remain open.

Thank you for your support and understanding during these difficult times.

Mr McHugh

Please notify school immediately of any suspected/confirmed cases of CV-19. The latest guidance changes rapidly and school has its own Risk Assessment, so please contact us if you are unsure of what to do. The current situation is that we will only close a class/bubble once 10% of that class tests positive, meaning in most classes we will only close once we get 3 positive cases. However, as soon as there is any positive case in a class, all parents will be contacted and be advised to take their child for a PCR test, even if they have no symptoms, as they may be a close contact. Children can still attend school whilst they are waiting for a test result. Any child who tests positive must isolate for 10 days.
Please note the latest DfE Government Guidance on our return to school from Thursday 2nd September.
What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges (Updated 17 August 2021)
Main messages
From 19 July the government continues to manage the risk of serious illness from the spread of the virus. This marks a new phase in the government’s response to the pandemic, moving away from stringent restrictions on everyone’s day-to-day lives, towards advising people on how to protect themselves and others, alongside targeted interventions to reduce risk.
As COVID-19 becomes a virus that we learn to live with, there is now an imperative to reduce the disruption to children and young people’s education – particularly given that the direct clinical risks to children are extremely low, and every adult has been offered a first vaccine and the opportunity for 2 doses by mid-September.
The key messages from this guidance are:
• nationally, education and childcare settings are open, and attendance is mandatory (for schools) and strongly encouraged (at childminders, nurseries and colleges
• the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has made it clear that the overwhelming majority of children and young people still have no symptoms or very mild illness only
• over the summer, staff, secondary pupils and college students should continue to test regularly if they are attending settings that remain open
• continuing to take regular rapid tests will help you to identify infections early and reduce transmission
• there is no need for primary age pupils (those in year 6 and below) to test over the summer period
• secondary schools and colleges have been asked to prepare for on-site testing at the beginning of the autumn term
• your nursery, school or college will no longer trace close contacts – close contacts will still be identified via NHS Test and Trace
• children and young people aged under 18 years 6 months who usually attend school, and have been identified as a close contact should continue to attend school as normal
• your child does not need to remain in a consistent group (‘bubble’)
• the government is removing the requirement to wear face coverings in law but expects and recommends that they are worn in enclosed and crowded spaces where you may come into contact with people you don’t normally meet
In practical terms, from now on, please enter/exit school through the path behind the green railings (no longer walk across the car park). Face masks/coverings are optional whilst collecting/dropping off but we ask parents to maintain appropriate social distancing. If you need to speak to the school office, please wait outside the main entrance door until the foyer is clear (one family inside foyer only).
Thank you

Mr McHugh.


St Wilfrid’s RC Primary Covid 19 Catch Up Premium Funding Statement

What catch-up funding is for?

The government have provided financial support to schools so they can help children and young people to catch up lost time after school closure. This is especially important for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Mainstream school will get £80 for each pupil in from Reception to Year 11 inclusive.

St Wilfrid’s will receive approximately £16,000 of this funding in this academic year 2020-2021.

As from 8th March 2021 all pupils are back in school and we will begin to spend this additional funding to help the children settle back into school routnes and begin to address any issues in their mental health and education caused by the CV19 crisis.

Our school is using this money to fund the following catch-up programmes and support:

  • NFER tests for Years 1-6
  • Subscription to FFT Raise Analysis
  • Purchase of additional tablets for use by disadvantaged to access home learning
  • Subscription to Nessie catch up programme
  • Purchase of Dyslexia Quest to determine pupils needing additional Literacy support
  • Additional Teaching Assistant hours for targeted interventions to help identified pupils catch up

The effect of this expenditure on the educational attainment of all pupils will be assessed through termly NFER testing and analysis using FFT Raise

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Acorn Psychology Service have produced a short leaflet on how to talk to your child about Corona Virus with lots of age appropriate stories and links. Click here to access…

Launch of the Oak National Academy online classroom and resource hub

The government has announced the sector-led Oak National Academy has launched its online classroom and resource hub. The Academy offers 180 video lessons each week for schools to use, across a broad range of subjects. The lessons cover children in Reception through to Year 10 and are free to use by both teachers and young people.

The Oak National Academy can be accessed here:

Launch of BBC Bitesize

The BBC has launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents.

BBC Bitesize can be accessed here:

CV 19 Children working at home

If your child is feeling well during self isolation then they can do some work at home. There are links to various types of work below but I would remind parents to be vigilant of what their children are accessing online. Follow these links for parental guidance on parental online safety.

Parental Online Safety Guide

Parental Online Radicalisation Guide & Support

NSPCC Online Safety Advice

UK Safer Internet Safety Advice

Think U Know Advice for Parents

Types of work

  • ACTIVITY PASSPORTS We have adapted the Department for Education’s Activity Passports for each of our classes. Click on the links below to access the correct one for your child;

Parlick Class (Reception) Activity Passport

Fairsnape Class (Year 1) Activity Passport

Pendle Class (Year 2) Activity Passport

Bleasdale Class (Year 3) Activity Passport

Bowland Class (Year 4) Activity Passport

Beacon Class (Year 5) Activity Passport

Dunsop Class (Year 6) Activity Passport

  • TWINKL RESOURCES Click on this link and visit twinkl to sign up for free for lots of free age specific resources.

  • TEACHER’S PET RESOURCES Click on this link and visit Teacher’s Pet to sign up for free. This takes you to EYFS resources, scroll down the page for lots of free age specific resources eg KS1 (years 1&2), Lower KS2 (years 3&4) and Upper KS2 (years 5&6).


Click this link to access Seesaw and then login with your child’s login details

A warm welcome to St Wilfrid’s Roman Catholic Primary School which is situated in Longridge on the outskirts of Preston and on the edge of the Ribble Valley.  We are a Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided primary school in the Diocese of Salford and welcome children of all faiths and backgrounds. We are also UNICEF Rights Respecting School.

At St Wilfrid’s we aspire to help every child reach their full potential as a child of God.  This takes place in our school where there is an abundance of love and warmth.  We follow the teachings of Jesus and as we grow in spirit. Every day is full of learning, fun and friendship.

We are very proud of our lively, vibrant school and all members of our school family.  We welcome visitors and look forward to showing you around.  In the first instance, please contact our school on 01772-782394 or

Our website is a great place to find out all about our school! Please note if any parent/carer requests a paper copy of any information on our website, the school office will provide this free of charge. Click here for contact details.

We have so much going on at our school it’s hard to pick a favourite topic for our front page – so we haven’t! Scroll down this page to see some annual highlights and our latest news…

Our school is a fantastic learning environment, where we all work hard together for the benefit of ourselves and others. You will see this in action if you follow the links at THE GREEN TITLES above or explore our website further…

In December 2017 we had our latest Ofsted school inspection. We’re delighted with the findings which illustrate what a fantastic school St Wilfrid’s is! Click here to see more…


We are a really talented bunch here at St Wilf’s. Click here to find out more about our last Talent Show!

LONGRIDGE CLUSTER SCHOOLS’ ARMISTICE PROJECT – On Remembrance Day itself, 11th November 2018, our Year 5 and 6 children joined over 500 other local children from the Longridge Cluster schools to put on a show called ‘Armistice’ at Preston Guild Hall , to mark our nation’s centenary celebrations of the end of the Great War and to show our respects to the fallen.

OVERSEAS RESIDENTIAL VISIT – From Monday September 9th to Saturday 14th September 2019, Year 6 and their teachers Mr McHugh, Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Gilmour and Mr Warrilow visited the Opal Coast in France. Our friends from Grange Primary came too and we all  had an amazing time! This time we visited the Somme, Bruges, The Menin Gate in Ypres, Le Touquet, Ecole Primaire de Nordausques and Cap Gris Nez.

Throughout the trip, I received several compliments from the public, including a retired primary teacher, who whilst we were at Thiepval memorial in The Somme commented upon the perfect manners, behaviour and respect our children were showing.

Indeed all week, the children were a credit to themselves and our school. I’d like to thank all the children and staff from Grange Primary school and all my children and staff, both those who accompany us in France and those who man the fort so admirably back at school. Well done and thank you to all involved … Mr McHugh.

BIG ART WEEK – our responses to BBC’s Ten Pieces of classical through dance, music, digital art, sculpture and other art. Our latest BIG ARTS WEEK took place from 30th October-2nd November.  See the creativity of each class and their amazing responses through art, design, drama and dance to the music!

READING – To further develop our love of reading and books we have just purchased some fantastic new books for each class and we are continuing our exciting Reading Spine into our curriculum for this school year 2019-20.

Click here for details on our new Reading Spine.

MATHS – This school year 2019-20 our school will further our mastery teaching using the Maths No Problem Scheme (Singapore Maths) right throughout school and the complimentary Numberland Scheme in the Nursery and Reception Class!!!

Click here for more information on Maths No Problem.

Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students of any age to independently document what they are learning at school and share it with their teachers, parents, classmates, and even the world. Our teachers and children can use Seesaw on their iPads to share the amazing work going on every day in every class in our school. All parents should have their child’s login details but if you need a reminder or refresh please see your child’s class teacher or Mrs Hindley. Please note school does not expect parents to sign up for any paid parts of this free app, thank you.




RIGHTS RESPECTING SCHOOLS AWARD – running alongside our teaching of ‘Gospel Values’ and British Values’ we are signed up to UNICEF’s RRSA which aims to put the rights of children first and foremost in everyone’s minds. We have held a joint UN/BT Online Safety Workshop during Safer Internet Week for both teachers, parents and children. We have produced Class Charters and each class has produced its own Rights Respecting Assembly.

We are delighted to announce that have been awarded our RRSA Level 1 (SILVER) Award! Click here to see our full report…


This school year we will continue our rights respecting work…

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