The TIME Project


The TIME Project aims to explore ways of empowering schools to develop and support their arts provision and ways of embedding the arts across the curriculum, to help inspire learning and attain higher levels of academic achievement.

Thanks to HMDT Music, for three years, our teachers and their classes will receive a combination of training and delivery sessions, working with artists in a range of genres including music, art (including film, photography, design) and drama. The aim is to build up skills of the staff across three years by training two teachers each year.

In term 1, those teachers will receive a combination of whole class delivery sessions by artist specialists in each of art, music, and drama, building skills to embed activities across the curriculum which will be followed up by CPD training to reflect and consolidate skills learnt.

In term 2, they will be encouraged to use the skills learnt, by leading their own arts based cross-curricular sessions in each of art, music and drama, for which they will receive specialist artist support. Again this work will be consolidated in CPD sessions.

In term 3, the 2 teachers will develop their own mini projects in which they can access artist support to deliver sessions and explore new arts forms and ways of working.

The TIME Project also aims to work with local and regional arts organisations and networks to assist with provision, build relationships (for the schools and the TIME Project), develop a legacy and forums for sharing findings and dissemination of resources and learning.

TIME is made possible by a generous grant from Paul Hamlyn Foundation to whom we are very grateful.

Further information can be found here on the TIME website

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