Parlick (Rec – EYFS)


Welcome to Parlick Class 2021-22!

Mrs Pollard, Mrs Robinson, Miss Braithwaite and Mrs Robison are the adults who teach, guide and care for us in the Reception Class (Foundation Stage).

In Parlick Class we are busy everyday exploring, learning and developing new skills, primarily through play-based activities. We  encourage children to be curious and independent by providing an enriching and nurturing environment.

Early maths

Whilst a lot of maths involves numbers, it is important that children know how to use numbers in a variety of contexts and have an understanding of number that goes deeper than just rote counting. In the Autumn term we are therefore focussing on the numbers 1-10, exploring them thoroughly through other aspects of maths including shapes, measures and problem solving. We use a program called Numberland to introduce the children to a new number each week, and provide various fun activities and games linked to this number to deepen their understanding.


We start each day with a short phonics session. Phonics is a method that teaches reading and writing by using the 44 pure sounds, or phonemes, of the English language. At St. Wilfrid’s we use a program called Read Write Inc. and we will start by introducing the children to the sounds on the image below. As we learn to recognise and say more sounds, we will practise blending them together to read words, and segmenting them to write words. This will start off with simple consonant-vowel-consonant words such as c-a-t. We continue to make references to phonics constantly throughout the day, for example, asking children to help sound out words when following recipe cards in our mud kitchen.


Welly Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we love to get out into the school grounds, either on our large playing fields or in our fantastic natural woodland area. We enjoy doing some outdoor maths as well as lots of forest school type activities, and we usually treat ourselves to a story and hot chocolate.


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