Bowland (Y4)


Welcome to Bowland class.

In 2020-21, Mrs Pemberton and Ms Marquez are the adults who teach and care for the children in year 4. We are really happy with our new super-sized classroom.

We love our new class and we have settled in well. As you can see below, we have a certificate wall for our weekly winners. In addition,  a picture of our weekly winners are posted on Seesaw.

This is our Autumn 1 overview (please click the link)

AT1 Parent Over view

In P.E. we are learning orienteering and using our skills to complete SPaG and Math challenges.

In English we are reading the B.F.G. and becoming creative with our writing. We have even made up our own words, just like Roald Dahl did. We will also be learning about Robert Wadlow who was known as the gentle giant.

In R.E. we are learning about Jesus’ family tree. Alongside this, the children have prepared their own Worship and deliver these once a week to the class.

In Maths, we have completed Place Value and now starting on Addition and subtraction. We are practising our times tables every day and we love using TT Rockstars, Hit the Button & Merlin’s Multiplication. We also practise when we are washing our hands and love playing multiplication bingo.

Lunchtime fun in the sun.

Finally, our Science is Exciting Electricity ⚡🔌💡🔦 We have been learning about how Electricity is generated and how to be safe around the home. Pictures to follow shortly, of us making circuits and creating our own Blackpool Illumination design in D.T.

Here is our ‘Knowledge Organiser’ for our topic theme on Electricity (please click the link)

Knowledge Organiser Science Electricity


Welcome back to Autumn Term 2. This Term we will be learning about The Great Plague 1665 – 1666.  In Art Week we will be creating art reflecting on The Great Plague; using classical music from Johann Sebastian Bach -Toccata and Fugue in D minor. This was particularly chosen due to the speed and the dramatic sound created from the music. Click the link for more information on the composer and the music During the Term pictures will be uploaded of our learning. 

English – In English our focus will be to write a diary entry and a newspaper report surrounding the events of The Great Plague. We will use the books VLAD a flea during the fire of London. Then Plague, a cross on the door about a boy called Sam. Our final book will be The Firework Maker’s Daughter which leads us to Christmas.

Math – Our focus will be on Multiplication and Division. We are going to rock as TT Rockstars.

R.E. – We will continue the theme of Confirmation, then learn about Judaism. Ending with Advent.

Science – We will be learning about teeth and the digestive system. We will become explorers  and see how diet impacts our digestive system.

P.E. – We will choregraph our own routine linked to the Firework Maker’s Daughter and to the music Jeruselma.

Geography/Computing – The 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Learning about ways we can help save our planet and create data on how we maintain the 3 R’s in class.

Here are some of the things we did in Autumn 2


Merry Christmas

Please click the links below for further information.


AT2 parent curriculum

Knowledge Organiser The Great Plague History

Knowledge Organiser reduce reuse recycle

KO Science Teeth and digestion

Happy New Year and welcome back to Spring 1 Term.

This Term we welcome Mr Warrilow, who will be teaching alongside Mrs Pemberton. Our topic is the Art of Music and we will be learning about the artist Wassily Kandinsky. Alongside this, we will be learning to play the ukulele.

English – Year 4 will be writing on issues and dilemmas and an explanation text linked to Wallace and Gromit ‘A matter of Loaf and Death’

Maths – Graphs, Fractions & Time

P.E. – Basketball

Science – Sound, We will be making musical instruments and learning about how we hear sound.

Art – We will be learning about how music can inspire art.

Computing – Creating our own animation based on Wallace and Gromit

Music – Learning to play the Ukulele and create music for our animation.

Please click the links below for further information.


Summer 1

Welcome back to Summer Term 1

We have lots of exciting learning and fun activities for the term ahead. Our theme is Ancient Egypt and we will be learning about the amazing Ancient Egyptians in a cross-curricular way.

English/History– Creating a fact file about Ancient Egypt and presenting our findings through a website. In addition, we will be reading Egyptian Cinderella and Secrets of a Sun king, then re-writing out own versions. we will write diary entries just like Howard Carter and become avid archaeologist.

Knowledge Organiser The Egyptians

Maths – Fractions and decimals. We will be learning how the Egyptians used fractions to help them with farming.

Science – States of Matter – There will be lots of practical lessons and observations. We will create our own water cycle and make ice cream! Please look at the Knowledge Organiser for our Key Learning.

Knowledge Organiser States of Matter Y4

R.E. – Pentecost.  We will cover New Life & Building Bridges.

This Topic: learning outcomes

Know and understand:

•  How good news brings life

•   The new life of the Easter message is spread through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Acquire the skills of assimilation, celebration and application of the above.

P.E. – Cricket

Art – linked to the Ancient Egyptians.

Computing – Making our camels dance and speak on Scratch and Creating our own website, alongside learning about internet safety and finding out about WWW and Boolean operators.

Finally take a peek at some of the highlights from last term!

Summer 2

Our final Term together. We have made so many memories and learned about so many thing on our journey in Year 4. This Term we will continue to work on the Ancient Egyptians. In English we will be reading the text Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo. This is a great folktale with a twist. Then we will create our information booklets on Ancient Egyptians using book creator.

Please press the links below for the rest of this Term’s topics and homework grid.

Summer 2 parental information

Free choice homework grid

Knowledge Organisers




Finally, take a peek at some of the highlights from last term.


Don’t forget the best way to see what we’ve been up to is via the seesaw app!

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