Longridge Field Day


Longridge Field Day 2018 was another fantastic success!

Poseidon (mmm… I wonder who he could be???) led our whole school community of staff and children around our town of Longridge many of whom were on our themed wagon float.

So many of St. Wilfrid’s turned out to support this community event.  We benefitted from huge support from our parents and so many children joining in.  Members of staff and parental volunteers came on Friday evening to help decorate the float with the backdrops and other artistic creations that the children and staff and volunteers had worked tirelessly to create.


Thousands lined the streets of Longridge to cheer on the float. Thanks again this year go to our Float Co-ordinator, Mrs. Mallinder, and the rest of our enthusiastic team of staff for the months of preparation before-hand. Thanks also to the staff and mums/dads/friends army of volunteers who came armed with their power-tools and cable ties to decorate the wagon float on the Friday evening prior to the Field Day. Thanks also to SWC Group Limited, for both supplying the wagon and the driver, your support is much appreciated. Cheers!!!



The following Monday evening, we finished off our celebrations with a ‘Greek Myths and Legends’ themed disco which thanks to our PTFA was free of charge to all school children who took part in the Field Day festivities!



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