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Big Art Week – Year 5

What a brilliant week! Inspired by Jospeh Bologne’s Symphony No: 1 in G major-Allegro, we began by learning our composer’s life story. Although born on a French ruled Caribbean island, called Guadeloupe, Joseph spent much of his life in the fashionable capital city of Paris, in France, where his musical talents excelled.

We focused initially on the fact that this amazingly talented man had to battle his way through many obstacles along his journey, simply because of the colour of his skin. We created a number of artistic pieces which highlighted and challenged this injustice and we considered, in our art work, how inequality can, unfortunately, affect us all in our lives in some way.

Year 5 created some very powerful and inspiring art because of this. Miss Batty was so impressed!

Next we studied the world of fashion as Joseph Bologne was well known to be a very fashionable man. We created a variety of pieces inspired by this theme and I definitely think we have some talented fashion designers in our class!

Joseph Bologne was also a very successful fencer. Some children decided to present this side of his personality in their art work.

Because his life began in Guadeloupe, some of our art was inspired by Caribbean art and the vibrant, exciting colours it is known for. This was great fun!

Other work was inspired by his adult life in Paris.

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